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Got a Sale...

October 23rd, 2019

Got a Sale...

I got a sale! Someone from Quakertown, PA purchased a Michael Landon and Victor French coffee mug from me. Yay!

Loving Art

October 20th, 2019

Loving Art

I grew up around all forms of art. My dad is an artist (see some of the many hundreds that he has painted) in the category William Trotter Prints. I have yet to begun to upload even close to what he has painted.

I then had a stepmom who enjoyed playing the piano, and taught private piano lessons. She has sense passed away a few years back.

I have an uncle who owns his own recording studio. He sings and plays the guitar, and has published many recordings of his own work; and well as other artists...both up and coming, and a few famous ones.

I also have a cousin who enjoys playing guitar, and was a music teacher throughout her career. What makes her talent so phenomenal is that she has always had a hard time with her hearing; and recently had a device implanted and placed on the back her head, next to her ear, to help with sound. Despite her disability, she managed to have a successful career teaching her students about music. She has recently retired, but still enjoys playing her guitar.

These are just a few of the family members whose talent involved some form of art.

I myself enjoy sketching, digital art, photography, writing, and even cooking.

In my youth, I spent much of my life doing traditional art pieces. However... As I have aged my interests have expanded to a variety of genres; with abstract being one of my favorites. I have a variety of interests and tastes, which is reflected in the many variations of artwork that I create.

Cooking is another form of art, and is very pleasing to the palate. When having a rough day...a good workout in the kitchen can help relieve the stresses of my day. Plus... It does not hurt that after I have created a meal, it will many times cause my taste buds to go into conniption fits. LOL

I also enjoy writing, and have had a few things published, and have won a few writing contests in groups that I belong to... Besides short stories, my favorite way of writing is through poetry. I love rhyme, but will often write in various styles. I tend to tell stories through my poems, which peaks the interest of my readers a little more.